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New mothers undergo profound physical and emotional transformation that can leave them feeling exhilarated yet exhausted. They are faced with a new situation where they have to deal with occasional physical pain, hormonal changes, emotional fatigue, changing sleep patterns and other experiences that are totally new to them. It is important to keep in mind that these experiences should not take away the joy of bonding with the newborn. Rest and rejuvenation are vital to cope with the post-partum period, which lasts for about two months after giving birth to the baby.

Feeding the baby and taking care of the mother’s health are the two most crucial things to be focused on for the first three weeks after delivery. It takes about two months for a new mother’s body to return to the natural state. This period is a time to bond, nurture and build trust between the mother and child. Apart from frequent waking up at night, hormonal changes are pronounced in the new mother. On the other hand, the baby learns to adapt to situations outside the mother’s womb. Sleep, diet and exercise play a vital role in restoring health to the mother.  When it comes to rest, the best advice is to sleep while the baby sleeps, without overly worrying about the routine chores. It is advisable to take help from family and friends.

When it comes to diet, it is important to maintain a balanced diet, with plenty of fibers and fluids. Quality nourishment is important as energy output must be sufficient to produce breast milk that is the major, or rather only source of nutrition for the baby. Quick, nutritious foods that take little preparation time include fruits, raw vegetables, cottage cheese, yoghurt with raisins, nugget-form cereals, cheese on toast, broiled meats, and so on. Two to three quarts of fluids per day is recommended for breast-feeding mothers. Taking hot water and hot beverages like decaffeinated tea is also advisable.

For those suffering from anemia, iron-rich foods, such as lean red meats, spinach, organ meats and egg yolks are recommended. In some situations iron supplements may be essential to restore iron levels. Iron supplements must not be taken along with calcium-rich foods as calcium hinders iron absorption. They should be taken with sufficient time interval in between. Calcium sources are milk, cheese, yoghurt and even antacids. New mothers, who have undergone a cesarean-section, must give adequate importance to nutritional management. Vitamin C aids in healing the surgical wound, while protein aids in repairing the body.  Some mothers may need multivitamins with magnesium calcium, Vitamin C and B-group vitamins to meet the body’s requirements. When it comes to losing weight, each woman’s body responds differently, and hence patience is important. Breast-feeding can help lose some weight in due course, but nutrition is more important than losing weight fast.

Some daily exercise, such as walking is important once the mother feels physically fit to do so. Meditation and relaxation are also helpful. It is good to keep the baby near the mother, as it would be helpful to maintain the feeding schedules. Communicating with other women who have been through motherhood can be a valuable source of advice. Reading books could be helpful as well. New mothers should keep educating themselves on various issues of motherhood, as information is power.

How to rekindle your love life after having a baby

Babies- they are the whole world to parents. They create a new experience unlike any other. When you become a parent, you turn into a different person. A lot of things are learned and you tend to mature. You think first of your child’s welfare before your own and you become more patient. You also discover to love and appreciate the little things in life.

Being a parent is both a gift and a sacrifice. You become a better person when you become a parent.

However, having a family is not all about kids. There are other facets that also need attention. The aspect of family life most neglected is the romance between the husband and wife. Oftentimes, the focus becomes limited to the children. This is good for the well-being of the children but becomes detrimental in the long run. When there is no more time shared by the parents as partners, they tend to become strangers to each other. They lose the spark that brought them together in the first place. This leads to more problems, especially when the kids are already old enough to require constant attention, when they realize that they no longer see each other as romantically attached.

To avoid this from happening, the following may be a useful guide:

  1. Always have time to talk and listen to each other. When your children are still young, they constantly need care and attention. This creates a scenario wherein all your energy is focused towards the kids. Overtime, you may not know that it has already been a long while since you had a conversation and there had already been a lot of undiscussed matters. This is dangerous in a relationship. Constant communication is necessary to understand what your partner is going through and prevent drifting apart to a point of no return.
  2. Do not let your partner know your plans. It is the danger of having kids, everything becomes planned. To prevent your relationship from becoming routinary, you need to have surprises. Give her flowers even when there is no occasion or give her gifts that are out of the box. Anything that surprises your partner gives excitement that brings emotions reminiscent of the time when you were still sweet lovers and there were still no kids.
  3. Go out together. Every now and then, parents should go out and enjoy themselves without having to worry about the kids. This can be as simple as a night out or as grand as an out of town vacation. It will all depend on your budget and desire to go out. Take the time out as an opportunity to talk about the two of you and your relationship. As much as possible, leave the topic on your kids out of the picture. The time should be for you as lovers and not as parents.  Having a break from being parents is a must to avoid the tragedy of losing the romance between the two of you. After all, when your kids leave the house, there will be no one else left but the two of you. Keep the flame burning so that you will still enjoy being with each other even at an old age.

Why are new moms turning to payday loans?

Recently studies in the US suggest that an increasing number of young couples, particularly those with small children, are turning to payday loans to make ends meet. But what exactly is a payday loan and do they really benefit you and your young family?

A payday loan commonly referred to as paycheck advance is a short-term loan of small amounts secured against a client’s upcoming wage. In other arenas, they are known as cash advances. In essence the loan logistical process entails a lender slotting in a short term based loan to be repaid on the next pay day of the borrower. More often than not, one would need employment verification or source of income confirmation. Some lenders however, would not consider this as a criterion. Some venture capitalist, companies, and individuals would require these logistical conditions in their underwriting process.

From a traditional perspective, borrowers would normally visit the said lending house to secure some loan cash amount with an accorded payment due at the next period of borrower payday. It was the duty of borrower to scheme a lenders full amount of the payday loan inclusive of any other charges. When it was due, it was the borrowers’ responsibility to return to the lending house in person. In the event that they fail to pay a visit in person, the lending house is obligated to redeem that cheque. Given the account doesn’t have adequate funds to pay for the cheque amount; the borrower would automatically be faced with bouncing cheque charges   along a train of fees for inconveniencing the lending house. Another treatment is using increased interest rates on the pay day loan to cover the default,

With revolutionized modern financial systems there are increasingly interesting versions of a payday loan. There is a major system; the online pay day loan. In this case the clients complete the payday loan application form online. Subsequently, the loan is automatically is directly transferred to the borrowers account by direct deposit .Then the loan repayment charges is electronically withdrawn from their account on the next payday. However, its public rumor mill that most payday lenders do not authenticate their income. From an honest perspective payday loan carry increasingly substantial risk to the lending house. In any case they have a defaulting rate of up to 20% in some arenas making them a risky affair for nay firm to undertake. Most of the folks that find payday loan extremely useful in their day to day lives. They can’t secure lower custom normal interest rates like their wealthier counterparts. In most cases this folks have run out of their menu of options at their disposal from traditional borrowing grounds.

Given a hyped description of a pay day loan there arises other critical areas that this manner of loans have fails to address. The loan interest charged by these loans is overly higher compared to other loans. This makes payment of pay day loans a tough walk in the pack! Additionally, they seem to bank on the hardships that low income earners face.  More often than not, the borrower may not comprehend the financial implications of their decisions due to lack of information. This traps them in a debt cycle roller-coaster. Besides this, they (borrowers) are threatened with criminal prosecution in the event that they default. Therefore in your choice of a payday loan try weighing pros against cons and make an informed decision that looks into your interests with utmost consideration.

This blog was kindly provided by Simon Hughes from www.niftyloans.co.uk. Simon is passionate about the wider issues surrounding money, short term debt and personal finance in today’s society.

How to avoid postpartum depression

Postpartum depression affects one out of every ten women who had given birth within the preceding year. It is usually noted within the first four months postpartum, and has the same clinical presentation as that of major depressive disorders.

Around 85% of women who have just given birth experience variable changes in mood and behavior. These may include unpredictable mood swings, irritability, apprehensiveness, and tearfulness. More often than not, these changes are trivial and tend to resolve on their own after a couple of weeks.  However, 10% of women ultimately develop this incapacitating and persistent syndrome.

The most common signs and symptoms of postpartum depression include intense sadness or despair, anxiousness, tearfulness, difficulty sleeping, poor appetite and chronic fatigue. The mother is often unable to experience pleasure or enjoyment, and may even be preoccupied with suicidal thoughts or the idea of death.  She may become indifferent or even harbor unpleasant feelings towards or consider harming her child.

Risk factors for developing postpartum depression include a previous history of either major depression, depression during pregnancy, or depression after childbirth. Women who have suffered major depression following childbirth have a 25% chance of developing postpartum depression after the subsequent pregnancy. These women may benefit either from prophylactic treatment with antidepressants, or early treatment with antidepressants after childbirth.

Other validated factors include a recent stressful event, and daily stressors such as lack of partner support, childcare, an unintended pregnancy, and insurance status. Although not yet clinically proven to avert the onset of postpartum depression, practical measures to minimize these modifiable risk factors can be done. The practice of safe sex can preclude unwanted pregnancies. The partner and family should provide ample support, emotionally, psychologically and physically, especially for patients at higher risk. Stressors must be avoided, as much as possible.

During antenatal check-ups, if the obstetrician fails to elicit a previous history of depression or previous episodes of postpartum depression, the patient is encouraged to volunteer the information. Screening tools designed to identify women at risk of depression include either the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS), the Beck Depression Inventory II (BDI-II), or the Postpartum Depression Screening Scale (PDSS).

Once high risk individuals are identified, the partner, immediate family, and friends can be primed to alert the physician once signs and symptoms compatible with postpartum depression are noted. It has been noted that the earlier the diagnosis and initiation of treatment, the better the prognosis.

Postpartum depression is a prevalent condition that has a significant impact on both the patient and the child. Interventions to prevent the development of depression, or facilitate its early detection and treatment, are justified.

Dealing with postpartum depression

Postpartum depression is a relatively common psychiatric condition that affects 10 to 20% of all women after childbirth. Diagnosis is made once the mother experiences the typical signs and symptoms of depression for more than two weeks postpartum. These would include despondency, frequent crying, lack of energy and appetite, weight loss, insomnia, inability to experience enjoyment, apprehensiveness or guilt, fixation on suicide or death, and inappropriately negative or harmful thoughts towards the newborn.

Once clinical signs of depression are noted, it is vital to seek medical help immediately. After the diagnosis is confirmed, a person’s ability to cope with postpartum depression would be dependent on her outlook, the availability of a social support system, the severity of her depression, and accessibility to psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy.

The individual will be unable to cope with postpartum depression unless she finally accepts the diagnosis. The earlier she accepts the diagnosis, the more amenable she will be to treatment. Early treatment has been associated with better prognosis, while failure to receive treatment or inadequate treatment, may lead to worsening relationships with the infant and/or partner, increases the risk of morbidity for both the mother and infant, and compromises the infant’s social and educational development.

To give the individual hope and motivation, it is important to remind her that postpartum depression typically resolves within a few months of onset. Once motivated, she may cultivate health-seeking behavior that promotes compliance to her treatment regimen and follow up consults with her physician. This will ensure that she regularly participates in psychotherapy and/or receives optimal doses of antidepressant medications. In addition, a proactive individual will make an effort take better care of herself, in spite of her depression. She keeps herself adequately nourished, properly groomed, and well-rested. She avoids spending time alone, actively seeks the help and support of family and friends, and endeavors to participate in various activities.

The individual’s available social support system plays a crucial role in helping her cope with postpartum depression. Her partner, family members and friends can relieve her of some of her emotional, psychological and physical burdens, while simultaneously encouraging her to adhere to her treatment regimen. Additional aid can also be provided by various counseling and support groups.

The more severe the depression an individual has, the greater her functional impairment, making it more difficult for her to cope. In these cases, access and adherence to both psychotherapy and pharmacologic treatment play a significant role in the patient’s ability to handle postpartum depression. Without proper treatment, both the mother and the child may suffer needlessly, not to mention the rest of the family.

4 healthy eating tips to help new moms lose weight

If you want to lose weight then you should avoid all of the fad diets that are constantly being advertised in magazines. Sure, they might work for a week or two, but pretty soon you are going to be back to square one.

Instead, it’s a much better idea to follow a healthy eating plan that can help you lose weight for the long-term. The best part about doing things this way, is that your meals don’t have to be bland and boring.

In fact, there are now many healthy recipes available that can really spice up your life and leave you looking forward to meal times.

Here are 4 healthy tips to help you lose weight:

Choose healthy snacks

One of the biggest problems many people have when they are trying to shed those pounds, is reaching for unhealthy snacks in between meals.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. Simply replace those junk snacks with healthy alternatives, such as smoothies, fruit, energy bars, and vegetable dips.

If you are still having a problem with snacking in between meals, then it’s highly recommended that you try a natural appetite suppressant such as Garcinia Cambogia extract to help control your hunger pangs.

Don’t change overnight

A major mistake that is sure to end in failure is trying to change your diet overnight. At the end of the day, you have probably followed your current meal plans for many years, so it’s unrealistic to expect to change everything in a few hours.

It’s a much better idea to transition into a healthy eating diet over the course of a few weeks. Take small steps at first, and pretty soon you will have completely changes that foods that you eat.

Drink water

Water is such an important component of a healthy lifestyle. It helps you stay hydrated throughout the course of the day, as well as being an essential part of keeping your digestive system working efficiently.

With this in mind, you should look to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day…more if you take part in regular exercise. Also, look to cut back on drinks loaded with sugar, such as sodas and fruit juices that you find in the supermarket.

Healthy carbs

While getting enough carbs is essential for supplying your body with energy, it’s important that you get the right kind of carbs.

Things such as white bread, potato chips and white rice are not the best choices. Instead, go for wholemeal bread, sweet potato and brown rice.

How to find the best dating sites for single moms

There are many of us who have no fixed relationship and, if we actually do have one, might still be looking for something extra to beef up our love life.

There is no doubt that finding a suitable dating site on the Internet can seem like floundering around in a quagmire. There appear to be so many available for the US community to access that it’s hard to ever really know which one is most likely to be the best.

If you haven’t a clue, then one idea is to turn to a number of very useful intermediary sites that offer good information about the best currently available dating sites. These sites do what it would take us amateurs hours to do and come up with some great ideas, especially if you are looking for something really specific.

If you are looking for a new partner online for the first time, then you have to narrow down your requirements. First of all, are you looking for the perfect match or someone who might just simply make you laugh and be great company for a night out?

There are niche dating sites that accommodate every conceivable interest group and this is one way to cut down the search for a perfect site. If you are young and adventurous, you may wish to use Cupid.com. If you are seeking someone internationally, then Match.com might be the answer. If you are gay, then Gaydar is out there ready for you to use its services. If you are a Christian, then there are dating sites available for everybody of Christian leaning, like ChristianMingle.

Above all, do not waste your time putting in search requirements that you have not truly finalised in your own mind, as the results will just distract you from what you are really after. For example, if you are mature but lonely and want a date with somebody similar, put in a search for a dating site that matches that description. However, if you really want to have a great time with someone who likes the outdoors, then do not forget to include those details, otherwise you might end up with a couch potato.

If you are worried about the reputation of certain sites, then put a Google search in indicating your concerns and see what happens. The Internet is a tool that can be used to find certain information but the user has to put in a suitable request if a specific answer is immediately required.

One of the greatest concerns on some dating sites is the dominance of fraudsters managing to enrol, pay up and then submit dodgy profiles and no online browsers would have any idea whether the profile was true or false. There is only one solution to this situation and that is put in a search for online dating fraudsters and do not choose a site that seems to have harboured far too many of these swindlers.

Finally, if this hasn’t helped, there are plenty of free dating sites available which will get you started. Sometimes, you just have to give everything a try before you figure out the best!

How moroccan argan oil can help your stretch marks

Moroccan argan oil has got to be on the most precious vegetable oil in its natural form that has been used for a very long time by the Moroccan Berber people for its healing and cosmetic properties. Its hydrating, antioxidant, skin elasticizing and soothing properties are a result of its high content of Vitamin E and fatty acids which are essential for damaged tissue repair and skin cells regeneration. The Berber women used the oil to nourish their hair, nails and also rejuvenate skin. It is also one of the most commonly used agents in anti aging creams and other products. Below are some of the ways that you can use Moroccan argan oil and enjoy the benefits of its properties.

Slows down aging process and nourishes hair and skin

The oil is one of the best options you have if you want rejuvenates skin tissues as well as postponement or prevention of aging signs appearance. It is rich in Vitamins E, F, linolenic and linoleic as well as omega 6 and omega 3 and fatty acids used for promoting cells regeneration, attenuating wrinkles, softening skin tissue, reducing skin irritability and minimizing dark circles. The oil is also used to strengthen nails and hair and stimulate their growth.

Elasticize and toning body

Using Moroccan argan oil in your bath water or with your regular soap will cleans impurities and helps to leave the skin feeling silky smooth. You can also apply it on the body once you have stepped out of the shower when the body is still wet. This should be massaged into the body in a circular motion to tone up the skin and help alleviate and prevent stretch marks while maintaining breast elasticity. You can also add a few drops into your body cream to make it more effective.

Prevent fast aging and rejuvenate your face

Massage a few drops in your face at least twice ever day if you want to attenuate fine lines and wrinkles. You can also make an anti- aging mask of about 8 drops of Moroccan argan oil into a mixture of rose water and white clay. Apply this on the face and leave it in for a while until it dries up. This deeply purifies the skin and highly nourishes it. Wash it off using lukewarm water.

Strengthen nails and hair

You can use oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice to massage your nails to make them strong. This can also be used after you have conditioned your hair to help make it stronger, shiner and longer.

Renovating the baby’s room? How to find the best decorators in Bristol

For your house to become your home, it needs to reflect your personality as the home owner. One way of realizing this intention is by contracting decorators Bristol who are able to transform your wishes from ideas into realities. Finding decorators is easy, though getting the right one might call for some extra work on your part. You will have to go beyond the recommendation that you get at a furniture store, or the first advertisement that you see on the highway. Your most trusted tool for gauging the suitability of a decorator is their portfolio.

Before settling on the price with your decorator, make sure you are getting the best value for the negotiated price. Go over all the options that will be included in the package, as well as those that will be omitted. This exercise allows you to align your interests with your budget without forcing you to put up with extra features that would be useless in your case. Only hire a decorator who is willing to help you choose the colours and materials as well as the decorating theme that would best fit. This way, you will not only gain from their expertise in the job, but you will also get to know what the future options are for your project, as well as learn a thing or two about project planning that you can later use in your life.

Although your aim would be to get value for your money, and thus aim to squeeze in as much service as you can on the negotiations, you also want the decorator to show maximum commitment. The only way to do this and still spend the least possible amount on the project is by appealing to their non-monetary needs and filling them in some way. A good move would be to speak well of the contractor and letting them know about it.